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Get to grips with new concepts using our signature video lessons, then cement what you’ve learned with the follow-up questions.

After completing a lesson, use Cognito’s quiz generator to create a practise quiz on any combination of subtopics. You’ll be exam-ready in no time.

Completely free. No catch.

Everything you need, including videos, questions, and progress tracking.

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Each video has been carefully curated to teach you everything you need to know for your GCSE exams.

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Cognito is the only provider that is truly specific to your syllabus. Our progress bars will keep track of how well you’re doing in each subtopic.

No more wondering what you need to learn.

Actually remember stuff

The best way to retain information is to use it. Every lesson is followed by a series of ‘no-fluff’ questions that check whether you understood the learning points you’ll need for your exam.

Revising for tests? Piece of cake.

Cognito can generate you a practise quiz on any combination of subtopics you like. Just choose which subtopics you’d like to practise, and how many questions you’d like to do.

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“As a teacher of Science & Maths I cannot overstate the amazing quality of your videos and this wonderful website. You guys are helping so many people right now and I want to congratulate you on your wonderful work.”

“I've checked the website and it really helps ALOT!! I can practice questions topic wise for exams and past papers are helpful too Way to go!”

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“Very clear and nicely presented. I've read a few 'text book' explanations, but could never understand or remember any of them! But your audio/visual tuition made it easy to remember. I never knew it was so simple!!! 😍”

“I never comment on videos but this was so clear and useful, thank you so much for all you put into it! I love your channel and website and recommend it to everyone. Keep up the good work!”