Cognito was founded in 2017 by Amadeus (the voice) & Tom (the artist) on the belief that education plays a vital role in providing opportunities and improving wellbeing. In 2020 we joined up with Paul (our brilliant developer) to continue our mission of creating the highest-quality learning resources we can.

YouTube Channel (2018)

We started our journey in 2018 with the creation of the Cognito YouTube channel, which has over 400 video lessons covering GCSE biology, chemistry, physics and maths. Cognito videos are now viewed just over 2 million times a month.

Resources Site (2020)

One of the most effective ways to revise is by practicing questions from past exam papers. In 2020 we made a past paper resources site which offers past papers arranged by year, and past exam questions arranged by topic.

Learning platform (2021)

The Cognito platform has been designed to take students through the entire learning journey - from learning a concept for the first time, all the way through to being exam-ready. We've really focused on trying to make learning the process as streamlined as possible, whilst ensuring our content is specific to each exam board.

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